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The heart of OCTA’s mission is trail preservation through identification, mapping, marking and monitoring of emigrant trails in Nevada and California. Although the ultimate goal is to physically identify each of the emigrant trails and map them in accordance to MET (Mapping Emigrant Trails) standards, the task goes well beyond the physical hiking over miles of the countryside looking for trail segments, a task not everyone wants to do nor can do.
There are other facets of this ultimate goal, something for
everyone. It’s hard to preserve something if you don’t know
what you are preserving or where it is. That’s where there is
something for everyone. Once the trail or trail segment is
identified the research work begins. The more information
available, the better chance of finding something on the land.
Research includes, but is certainly not limited to, seeking out
and learning as much as one can about a trail from emigrant
diaries, newspaper articles, publications, museums, libraries,
the internet, old maps, emigrant guide books and no doubt
many other sources. It’s kind of like a jigsaw puzzle, a piece
here and a piece there. Pretty soon a picture begins to unfold
which gives rise to information that can be taken to the field.
So what part of the puzzle can you provide assistance with? Let us know.

1. Research

2. Adopt a Trail

Members can “adopt” a trail. The goal is to map the adopted trail to MET Standards.

Trails that have been “adopted”
1. Johnson Cutoff
2.Grizzly Flat Cutoff
3. Henness Pass Road
4. Beckwourth Trail
5. Carson Route
6. Volcano Cutoff

3. Trail Maintenance

4. Mapping Teams

Join a Mapping Team

Johnson’s Cutoff

El Dorado County, California; Carson City County & Douglas County, Nevada

Grizzly Flat Cutoff

El Dorado County

Henness Pass Road

Washoe County, Nevada; Sierra County, California

Beckwourth Trail

Washoe County, Nevada; Lassen County, Plumas County & Butte County, Californnia

Volcano Cutoff

Amador County, California

Carson Route

Churchill, Lyon, Carson City, Douglas Counties, Nevada; Alpine, Amador, El Dorado Counties, California

Georgetown Pack Trail/Road

El Dorado County

If you are interested in working on research or in the field on any of the above mapping teams contact the chapter email at: canvocta@gmail.com

5. Friends of the Blackrock