Trail MapPhotos copyright by Shann Rupp

Scene near Parting of the Ways in Idaho.

“We left Beaver Creek [Fall Creek] at six o’clock, still traveling down Snake River, and in eight miles came to Raft River, a small stream that flowed from mountains on our left. Here the roads fork again, the right-hand one turning off northwesterly towards Oregon, while we took the left-hand one, going southwesterly towards California, leaving Snake River, and traveling up Raft River.” Margaret Frink, 1850

City of Rocks

“…came out on the road near Steeple rocks…riseing from the base of the mountain in a pyramidal form to the hight of fifty, and one hundred feet; presenting the appearance (with the exception of superior hight) of a Hottontot village.”  G. C. Cone, 1849

Register Rock in City of Rocks
A. Freeman & D. Tickner signatures June.12.50 in axle grease on Register Rock in City of Rocks.

Rock Spring in Thousand Springs Valley

“Leaving Goose Creek and coming up a canyon,…we reached Rock Spring, a splendid one issuing out of a rock, but no sign of anything like feed,”  John T. Gibson, 1859