Grizzly Flat Road

grizzly flat road

In 1852 the ridge leading from Leak Springs down and between the forks of the Cosumnes, was adopted as one of the principal roads by the emigration of that year. Since the advent of the railroad nothing but a dim trace of this old thorough fare can be discerned and its solitude never broken except by the annual pilgrimage of the dairyman or sheep herder in search of the rich grazing in its vicinity.

D. T. Loofborrow, Mt. Democrat, 1876


Cosumnes River

North Fork Cosumnes River

Emigrant diaries describe completing the twenty mile road in a day although some camped about half way, on the river, at Capps Crossing.

Grizzly Flat - 1852 Bancroft Library

Grizzly Flat – 1852



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