September  7 & 8, 2010

Johnson cutoff tour 2010

The Johnson Cutoff tour began September 7th in Carson City. Larry Schmidt was the guide for eastern half of the trail.

Johnson cutoff tour 2010The Johnson Cutoff leaves the Carson Route in Carson City and heads west through Kings Canyon.

From the top of Kings Canyon looking south towards Highway 50.



Johnson cutoff tour 2010


West of Spooner Summit the trail followed the ridge above the east shore of Lake Tahoe.





Johnson cutoff tour 2010It descended into Lake Valley near Stateline. The presentday Pioneer Trail Road follows the general route of the Johnson Cutoff around the southern end of the lake.

John Winner led the tour on September 8th, starting at the base of Johnson Pass and ending at Union Hill.


Johnson cutoff tour 2010Slippery Ford, near Twin Bridges, was a river crossing on the Johnson Cutoff.





Johnson cutoff tour 2010West of Strawberry, the Johnson Cutoff climbed to Peavine Ridge and continued west above the river until crossing near Pacific House.




Johnson cutoff tour 2010This is the site of the Brockless Bridge where the Johnson Cutoff crossed the American River near Pacific House.




Johnson cutoff tour 2010Trails West T-Marker on Union Hill where the Johnson Cutoff converged with the Carson Route and continued on to Placerville.