The Symposium was held at the Silver State Charter School in Carson City.

2012 Carson City Symposium

Wendall Huffman

Wendall Huffman, the Curator of History & Collections Manager for the Nevada State Railroad Museum, spoke.


2012 Carson City Symposium

Hal James






Hal James, author of “Bruff’s wake: J. Goldsborough Bruff & the California Gold Rush,” was another speaker.

2012 Carson City SymposiumDavid and Melody Kittle are avid Pony Express historians. Melody has the Pony Express in her blood. Her Great-great-great grandfather was Alexander Majors, a partner in the ownership of the Pony Express. They are Fallon residents and were eager to share their enthusiasm for the Pony Express, especially through Nevada.




2012 Carson City SymposiumPhillip I Earl, is an historian, author, speaker, educator, Reno Gazette Journal author of “This Was Nevada” and administrator of the Nevada State Historical Society.


2012 Carson City Symposium He presented the silent movie “Covered Wagon” made in Baker, Nevada in 1925. He spoke about the 1925 concept of life on the trail and what was real and what was Hollywood concerning wagon trains.







2012 Carson City SymposiumBuilding Restorations at
Fort Churchill



2012 Carson City SymposiumFort Churchill Museum





2012 Carson City SymposiumPreparing our ears for the canon blast





2012 Carson City Symposium

2012 Carson City Symposium

John Winner