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lifornia-Nevada Chapter is one of eleven chapters of the Oregon-California Trails Association, an organization dedicated to the preservation, appreciation and enjoyment of all transmigration trails to the west, the trails that made the United States an ocean-to-ocean nation.

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The chapter is in need of a new membership chairperson.  Please contact the chapter via the Chapter email if you are interested.

If you are interested in being on the California-Nevada Chapter Board of Directors or you know someone who is interested, contact Chapter President Dick Waugh through the Chapter email.

It’s Time to Report Your Volunteer Hours!
Like last year, the National Park Service is using the same form as the Partnership for the National Trails System.
Submitting hours to the National Park Service Volunteers-in-Parks (VIP) program in no way impacts the value of what is submitted annually to PNTS.
Hours reported to the NPS VIP program comes back as funding that is used for projects for the trail associations. It is a direct return to support our yearly projects.
Thank you for assisting in this important aspect of National Historic Trails project funding! Look for a call for VIP project ideas after the new year.

Please return all hours to

National Park Service fiscal year:
  • The fiscal year is October 1 – September 30. For volunteer reporting to the National Park Service this year, begin on October 1, 2015 and end on September 30, 2016.
  • The reporting year for the Partnership for the National Trails System is different; it is the calendar year.
If you are participating in trail business, you are accumulating volunteer hours!
  • Track hours spent on planning, travel, and activity time for attending or providing trail activities such as events, conferences, tours, trail marking, projects,meetings, etc.
  • Record planning, travel and activity expenses not reimbursed, including lodging,  meals, materials, and supplies.
  • Record vehicle miles.
  • If you are a chapter president or committee chair, please include totals for everyone involved in your group.
  • Use the table below to track your volunteer contributions. Tally your totals on the summary line.
    You should be able to enter your data right on the pdf file.  If you can’t, you will need to download it, fill it out, save it, and attach it to an email to the link below.

Please return all hours to

Volunteer Hours

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Passport in Time – Carson Emigrant Trail
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